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This website is in the process of attempting to feature an image of every possible bird species on King Island. (this could take a bit of time)
We would be grateful for any help in populating these pages by sending bird images not already displayed.

All bird images on this website have been captured on King Island. (except the pages: different funny & unusual & God's colours).


King Island is a great secret. It is an island about the same area of Singapore but with a permanent population of about 1500 souls. Because of its relative isolation, King Island receives less than ten thousand visitors a year (compared with two and a half million in Queensland). The cost of travelling to both places is about the same.
   King Island is in the middle of Bass Strait at its western end, between the Tasmanian mainland and Australia. This has given it its unique geography and history. Each year many birdwatching enthusiasts start at the Gold Coast then travel south to King Island for more birdwatching experiences. Find great places to stay on the Gold Coast with Expedia

The east coast of king Island is comparatively well sheltered, with long beaches, such as the Nine Mile Beach and a State Park. The little settlement on this coast is Naracoopa, which lies on the sweeping Sea Elephant Bay and has guest houses, restaurants, a jetty and a few houses.
Naracoopa Holiday Cottages are in a delightful setting run by a couple of friendly and helpful King Islanders: Rhonda and John and their friendly old border collie dog Mojo.
This site has been enabled because of the interest shown to John & Rhonda by bird watchers from all over everywhere who have visited King Island, in the abundance of varied species of birdlife, some that are unique to King Island.
Avid bird watchers Bill & Belinda from Graystanes NSW stayed 9 days at Naracoopa Holiday Cottages enjoying the beautiful island, and in that time captured on camera 85 different bird species – 69 within a 12 km radius of Naracoopa – 43 around the hamlet of Naracoopa and 27 just in the grounds of the Naracoopa Holiday Cottages; more birds would have been clicked but for time restrictions and migratory patterns.

The beauty of King Island is the amount of bird/wildlife on such a small captive island.

John & Rhonda would like to thank all these wonderful birders and photographers that make this website possible:
Bill & Belinda, Mavis Burgess, Margaret Bennett, Chris Tzaros, John Tongue, Julie Hofman and others.

Whilst on King Island  Bill and Belinda stayed at         Naracoopa Holiday Cottages - see pictures on website below.  
Orange Bellied Parrot courtesay of Chris Tzaros -    

Windows really are a serious problem.
We recently placed bird decals on our house windows, but - more .....

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