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Cape Wickham Lighthouse tallest in south hemisper

These pages are basically images of a mix of birds easily and not so easily found whilst roaming around beautiful King Island. Thanks again to all the contributors for supplying most of these beautiful pictures.
As we know it's rather difficult to say the least trying to get a bird to 'sit still (please),' and 'please get away from behind that branch!' while we take it's mugshot - well done guys!
We'll endevour to post more images of birds found on King Island as time goes by and we hope bird watchers everywhere enjoy this site.


This is Peter entertaining a friend There's an orchard on the property and many persuasions of life are keenly interested in sampling the orchards' wares. Now this is ok to a point, but little guys like Peter the ring-tail possum happily take a taste of every piece of fruit they can manage in a night of festive gorging.
So, we trap them, take them out to the bush, release them and hope they don't come back. If only they pilfered just one apple or pear or whatever at a time then we would say bon-appetite, but no! it's clearly a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Oh yeah, did you find the friend Peter is entertaining?  Well if you look closely above his right eye you'll see a tick festively gorging on Peter. Justice is served!
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