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A Currawong story - nothing to do with the sea

I've always considered them to be a scarce bird on King Island and recently I said to Rhonda 'look how unusual, a Black Currawong in our orchard', we were delighted, then a few more came and I got busy with my camera, then next thing you know there was an invasion of about fifty of them in all our fruit trees, in the pine trees on our TV aeriels, just everywhere and boy, can they make a racket. Well that was just too much, they were scaring all the other birds, you couldn't hear yourself think and just generally taking over, it was reminiscent of the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Birds'. It would make even the most avid bird watcher run.
They're still here, they come every morning, clock-on, stuff themselves with as much of our fruit as possible, then go home somewhere else on King Island after they clock off in the evening.
They're getting less and less though as Mojo (our 12 year old border collie) and I spend half of our lives chasing them out of the orchard and chucking fruit at them.
Next year when I see my first Currawong, I'm going to have a serious talk with him before he goes home and tells the rest of his tribe about the free meals in John & Rhonda's orchard.
We're no longer that fussed about Currawongs, I recently found out that one pair can decimate about 40 different smaller pairs of birds in what they consider their territory.

Nine Mile Beach - totally deserted


King Island has miles of deserted, 'really deserted' beaches, lonely beaches, some with beautiful golden sandy shores others that are rough and rocky; and then there are shorelines boasting rugged cliffs.
Either way, they are here for your exploration as are the birds.
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