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Tasmania has many bird species that are endemic, they can be found only in Tasmania, but it's interesting to note that tiny King Island has many of them.

The beauty of King Island from a bird lover's point of view is its size, and at the last count 188 different species and sub species could be found on such a small parcel of land.
King Island lies about 90 kms north of mainland tasmania and is approximately 65 kms long and 25 kms wide. Some of these endemic birds are displayed below.

King Island is officially globally recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

Despite its small size, King Island is also full of exciting ways to spend your time. The King Island Grazing Trails give visitors the chance to explore all corners of the island, while the King Island Maritime Trail provides insight into some of the most notorious shipwrecks that occurred off the island's coast. Many visitors learn to surf at British Admiral Beach, while others swim at the beach's sheltered swimming area. It is easy to find a great place to stay on King Island through Expedia, which will ensure that your stay in the area is one to remember.

The above picture is a female Superb Fairy Wren Tasmanian Form (Elizabethae) endemic to King Island. She fell in love with herself, the image is actually of the mirror that she's showing off in.
image by John Nievaart


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